4 Fun Ways to Celebrate Achievements in Your Life

author/source: Bonnie Gwen

Photo Courtesy of PexelsWhen you achieve something you have been striving for, it is only natural that you want to be able to celebrate. Marking a momentous occasion such as passing your driving test, gaining your diploma, getting a degree, or a new job are all points in your life that should be celebrated along with many more.

But what are the best ways to celebrate this so you have a lasting memory? What works for one person does not work for everyone, but this post has some ways you can treat yourself and celebrate your wins in a way that works for you.

Get That New Piercing

If you've been debating getting a new piercing or are ready to get your first, then now is as good a time to get started. These days, there are many choices of body parts and styles of piercings you can get. From the basic ear piercing to getting some medusa piercing information to having your navel pierced or intimate body parts, this can be a long-lasting reminder that you achieved what you set out to do, and you did it!


Tattoos are popular for celebrating significant life events, be it marriages, the birth of children, a special occasion, or anything else. They can be therapeutic ways to express yourself and ensure they leave a lasting impression. Think carefully about the size, style, and placement of the tattoo, primarily if you work in an industry where visible tattoos are frowned on, to ensure you get the right one for your body and the event you are celebrating.

Photo Courtesy of Clay BanksA New Haircut

Your hair is one of the most recognizable features of a person, so choosing to get a new haircut can be a fantastic form of self-expression and an excellent way to celebrate your achievements. Don't be afraid to go bold; after all, hair always grows back, so you can change it in no time if you aren't a fan. But if you have been thinking about switching your locks for a while, why not mark the occasion by taking the plunge and reinventing your 'do.

Spa Day

Sap days are becoming increasingly popular for self-care and celebrations, most notably bridal parties and wedding celebrations. But that's not all they're suitable for. If you have been working hard at college to pass your course and gain your degree, then you will likely need some downtime and pampering. While not a more permanent change like some of the ones mentioned above, it can be a great stress release and a way to draw a line under this period of your life and start afresh. So when it comes to the celebration, sometimes less is more, less chaos, less stress, and less baggage.

Celebrating your achievements is something that should always be encouraged, and as such, finding the right way to commemorate a special occasion needs to be one that is right for your life and can leave you with a positive reminder for the rest of your life.