6 Steps to Make Hard Conversations Easier

author/source: Pascale Cook-Fernandes

Photo Courtesy of Christin HumeIt doesn't matter if it’s with your family, a friend, or a co-worker, hard conversations are, let’s face it, HARD.

I am such a non-confrontational empath that I’ve always dreaded having hard conversations. If you’re anything like me, the bad news is you feel that dread in your body. For me, it’s a sick stomach, shakiness, and headaches.

The good news is that over the years I’ve learned 6 steps to make hard conversations easier (for you and the other person). I invite you to take my 6 steps and adapt them to your life. Here they are: 

6 Steps to Make Hard Conversations Easier

  1. Set an intention for the conversation. Why are you having this conversation in the first place? Is it necessary and, if so, why?
  2. What do you want to say? Give yourself time to consider what are the key points you want to be sure to make.
  3. What don’t you want to say? Likewise, consider what things you want to avoid bringing up. If it’s already resolved, there’s no sense in adding fuel to the fire by bringing it back to life.
  4. Prepare your language. There’s nothing that shuts a person down faster than when they feel attacked. Instead of using blaming language like “You always leave things a mess”… or “You never put things away…”, speak from your perspective, “When the area is a mess, I feel…”.
  5. Visualize how it will go. Set aside time before the conversation to visualize how it will go. See yourself approaching the person and asking for a conversation. Imagine yourself saying the words you want to say and then see them responding how you hope they will respond. Visualize a resolution.
  6. Send intention into the Universe. Once you’ve spent time visualizing the conversation, it’s time to have the conversation. Before you do, send an intention into the Universe that the issue will be resolved for the highest and best of all parties.

Photo Courtesy of Jen TheodoreSet aside some time to put intention and attention to these steps. Take note of your results. Recognize and give grace to the understanding that we are all a work in progress. Remember that you took time to prepare for this conversation, but the other person didn’t. Please give them the same grace you give yourself, as they maneuver this hard conversation.

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It’s exercises like this that help us remember who we are and how we want to show up in this world

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