6 Tips for Living with Grief

author/source: Emily Graham

Photo Courtesy of PixabayGrief is one of the most powerful emotions we feel as humans. However, grief is temporary, meaning we must look for ways to acknowledge but also move beyond the loss. Today, Herself360 is here with some tips to help you acknowledge, process, and move beyond your grief – just like your loved one would want you to do.

Create Peace at Home

When we are home is usually when we feel the most sorrow. As we are in our quiet spaces, we have an opportunity to reflect on our feelings. If you find that being at home is the hardest part of your day, look for ways to create a serene environment. You might, for example, declutter and organize. You can also try changing the ambient temperature or lighting to increase your comfort.

Identify Stress Triggers

Photo Courtesy of Elyas PasbanStress is a part of grief, just as happiness is a part of love. The two are intertwined, but you do not have to let the former feed the latter. Think about the things that cause your heart rate to rise. At work, this might be tight deadlines or meetings. At home, stress may come from paying bills or doing yard work. Whatever your trigger, be mentally prepared for it so that you can best steady yourself as you face stressful situations.

Get Enough Sleep

If you aren’t getting enough sleep, it’s nearly impossible to feel renewed. To help, consider getting a new mattress. Harvard University also suggests including some exercise each day. Yoga and meditation can be extremely helpful, as well.

Go Outside

We have been given the best medicine in the sunshine that warms our skin and the air we breathe. Going outside helps you escape from stressors while you decompress. Further, it’s been proven that time in the outdoors can help ease depression.

Acknowledge Your Pain

During the worst part of the grieving process, all we want is for it to go away. But, grief never fully leaves us, but we do learn to live with it. You must feel through your emotions, however, lest your despair begins to overtake your mind and body. Eugene Therapy notes that we must acknowledge our emotions. This is achieved by taking a pause to listen to our bodies and minds. We must also be compassionate with ourselves, and talk to people with whom we trust.

Focus on Self-Improvement

One of the hardest but also the best things you can do to help overcome your grief is to push yourself to succeed – whether that’s eating more healthily, going back to school, or just using a resume builder to get back on the job market. While it’s important that you not be too hard on yourself by setting the bar too high, you should also believe in your own abilities. Don’t give up!

We all know that death is every bit a part of life as birth. But, that does not stop us from grieving. These tips can help you take care of yourself now so that you will be in a better physical and mental state of mind.

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