What do I do when I am at the bottom

author/source: Candy Nairovy Santana

In the fall of 2017, I did my first book signing in New York for "The Manifester’s Journey".  During the Q&A a guest asked, “What do I do when I am at the bottom?  When I am stuck and feel like I will never overcome failure?"  These questions struck a chord with me because these are issues I have had to deal with over the past few years. I’ve experienced situations that have brought me to my knees in tears with feelings of great disappointment and defeat. Nonetheless, during these times of darkness, I learned that failure is just a lesson in disguise. 

The truth is most of us have probably gone through setbacks at one point or another. However, our failures do not define who we are. They’re meant to lead you to your fullest potential and help you grow. The fact that you tried to go after a dream is admirable and more important than the actual outcome. As you move forward commit to making decisions that are in alignment with your purpose and desires. 

We must learn to be our own biggest motivators. In times of defeat treat yourself with kindness and compassion. You are worthy of your hopes and dreams. You have a purpose on this planet. You matter.  YOU are enough.  Start the year with the intention to believe in yourself regardless of the situation you're facing. Wherever, you are headed today carry this bit of wisdom with you.

Love,  Candy-Nairovy-SantanaCandy Nairovy Santana 

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