Are You Funding Your Dreams

author/source: Therese R. Nicklas, CFP®, CMC®

Photo Courtesy of Alex Nemo HanseDo you know Lisa Nichols?

Once in a while, I am blessed by a speech that touches my soul and ignites a spark of change within me. Lisa Nichols is a motivational speaker, best-selling author, and entrepreneur, and one of the stars of the movie "The Secret". By her own admission, she's pretty amazed that she's actually living the life of her dreams.

Funding Your Dream

I want to share Lisa's inspiring video where she shares her "Funding My Dream" story. Please be sure to click the link to watch it.  This video brought me to tears.  She poignantly illustrates one of the oldest principles for transforming your life and creating financial freedom - put good habits on auto-pilot

Three Steps

Lisa took three steps that transformed her life from a struggling single mother living paycheck to paycheck (or worse) to a woman enjoying massive success and financial freedom. 

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash - Peter FogdenMake a Decision

Lisa DECIDED that she wanted a different life and a different long-term experience. Then, she looked for a mentor to show her how to transform her life and financial condition.

Act on Advice

Lisa followed the advice of her mentor and committed to taking consistent action.

Automate the process

Lisa stayed in action by putting this new habit on auto-pilot and didn't look back.  Her results sent her entire life in a whole new direction.

How this worked for Mary*

*Not her real name

Lisa Nichols' "Funding My Dream" journey reminds me of my client, Mary, who wanted to learn how to manage money better.

A single mom with no financial support from her ex-husband, Mary developed the mindset that everything had to be done by her. This way of thinking created a lot of stress, anxiety, and pressure, which triggered negative money behavior.  Mary said, "if I don't get a handle on my spending, I'll never get ahead".  For her, getting ahead meant having money in the bank, a vacation fund, and the ability to do fun things with her child without feeling guilty.

Reality Check

While taking a deep dive into her finances, I noticed her income was significantly lower than other clients in the same profession.  When I brought this up, she said she'd rather walk down the street naked than look for another job.

By working together on her money mindset, her self-worth and confidence improved to a level where she knew with certainty that she deserved better compensation.  In less than 2 months from when she decided to get a better-paying job, she secured a great position and doubled her income!  Her new job also had a generous retirement plan, and she took action by maximizing her contributions.

Photo Courtesy of Austin Distel On UnsplashMary's results

At one of our check-in sessions, Mary said she had something important to show me.  She handed me a folder that contained two documents.  The first was her year-end W-2 showing her full year's compensation.  The other was the statement from her retirement account showing a healthy 6-figure balance.  In a short time, Lisa went from struggling to make ends meet to building a healthy surplus.

Residual benefits

I congratulated her on her tenacity and staying in action.  She went on to say "That's not the best part.  The other day a co-worker made a snarky remark to me.  Now, my normal behavior would be to ignore it, but something triggered inside me. I spoke up, saying her remark was unacceptable and disrespectful.  She responded with "you're so sensitive" in the same rude tone, where I said, "No, you're not sensitive enough".  "Terri, that was the first time in my life that I stood up for myself".  I asked her what gave her the courage to defend herself, and she said "I know my worth".

Mary's story highlights the value of Money Mindset Coaching and taking action toward your dreams. She showed us that a positive money mindset improves your net worth which can also improve your self-worth. Her journey serves as a reminder to ask for help, implement advice, and take inspired action.

Start Funding Your Dreams Today…

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