Eight Popular Technologies to Use In Business for 2023

author/source: Paul Singleton

Photo Courtesy of Unsplash photos M-HRfLhgABoTechnology is something that you don’t want to be sleeping on as a business. There are many ways in which technology can be utilized for a business in 2023 and with so many emerging technologies, it’s important not to miss out on the opportunities they present.

From virtual reality to thermal drones and cloud technology, there is an abundance of technologies worth taking full advantage of. Here are eight popular technologies to use in business for 2023. Image Source

1.   Virtual Reality

One of the most exciting technologies to get your business involved in the coming years is virtual reality. VR for short, has already been around for a while but it’s now become a technology that’s more affordable and accessible as a business.

There are plenty of benefits to using virtual reality (VR) for your business. Whether that’s creating immersive experiences that allow customers to try out products before buying them to improving learning experiences for your customers.

Such industries like the real estate market and expensive products like cars and other assets, can benefit highly from the use of this technology.

2. Drones

Drones have been used for the past few years now and although they’ve not had a warm embrace by the general market due to some bad experiences, they’re still highly useful.

As a business, you can use drones in several ways. Whether that’s surveying land, aiding in search and rescue missions, or making deliveries in a more timely and cost-efficient manner.

There are some unique drones like this thermal drone, which is highly useful for certain industries in particular. For example, health and emergency services can utilize drones to help identify those who may be in danger through thermal monitoring.

3. Smart business cards

Business cards in the traditional sense have become somewhat unnecessary, especially with digital networking platforms like LinkedIn now in existence. However, by exchanging information verbally, there’s a chance they’re going to forget you by the time they get home.

Digital business cards have become extremely popular. Many of them have downloaded apps that offer this service and then users can exchange their digital business cards, which are automatically saved to their electronic devices.

4. Cloud Technology

Cloud technology has already had a lot of impact on the business market. Many companies have been created through the cloud technology they’ve created for other organizations.

Photo Courtesy of unsplash.com/photos/LqKhnDzSF-8With cloud technology, the advantage is that people can use this technology from wherever and whenever they need to. Cloud technology has become responsible for the digital transformation of many businesses already, all of which have become more secure and cost-efficient as a result.

5. Artificial Intelligence

It’s something that you either love or hate. Artificial intelligence in recent times has been in the news for its impact on content creation. While content creation is something that can be costly for businesses, it still needs a human touch.

Despite that, many businesses are using AI fully for their content creation, which is both exciting and worrying for those who work in content creation. It’s one of those examples of robots taking over your jobs.

The advantage of AI is that it can operate at a faster rate than humans could ever achieve - that includes content creation like writing a blog post for example.

6. Chatbots

If your business isn’t making use of chatbot services, then you could be losing out on some opportunities to improve your customer experience.

Chatbots can help assist with the growing requests your customers might have and that might be weighing down the efforts being made by your customer service team. Again, with the use of AI and powerful knowledge bases, businesses can get extra helping hands to improve customer services without having to spend much in the process.

Chatbots, again like other automated technology, can be left to their own devices meaning your employees can get on with other priorities. Not all businesses have the capacity to hire a large customer service team, which is why chatbots are so popular.

7. Sustainable Technology

It’s a buzzword that’s gaining more and more traction across all industries. The need for sustainability is crucial, especially as it’s something many consumers and buyers look for when they interact and engage with a business for the first time.

Therefore, the use of sustainable technology has become necessary in 2023. Investments in sustainable technology offer a great operational process and improve financial performance too. It’s something that many businesses are now embracing in the hopes that it too, provides them plenty of avenues for growth in the future.

8. Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things or IoT for short is anything that’s built with WiFi connectivity. It’s the future of many appliances that have yet to have their latest models upgraded with this tech. It’s already popular whether that’s through your thermostat or good ol’ Alexa.

With many businesses needing more data on their customers and data itself being equivalent to gold in value, it’s something that you might want to utilize as a business.

IoT can help in many ways, whether that’s improving decision-making, efficiency, or even safety for your business. It only seems to be the beginning of this type of technology too. As IoT becomes more popular for engineers and designers, many more devices with internet operation are likely to pop up on the market.

This massive web of interconnected devices will help many companies acquire data from their consumers a lot more easily. While there are some dangers to IoT, especially when it comes to cybercrime, it’s a growing technology that is only improving in its security measures.

There are plenty of popular technologies to take advantage of when it comes to your business in 2023. If you’ve not already embraced some of these technologies, then you are certainly putting your organization at a disadvantage. Take a look at these technologies more closely and figure out which ones might be useful for your business this year.