Habit Stacking

author/source: Meg Willis

Photo Courtesy WikipediaTrue Confession - I was obsessed with Suits. I blew through 9 seasons  - well, I'm not sure how, but I did!

It's really easy to slide into a habit when you are obsessed with it!

What happens when you want to create a new habit that you know you SHOULD do because it will benefit your health BUT aren't super excited about doing the actions that help create that habit?

I recently presented at the Habit Coach Professional Summit and wanted to share my 8 tips for Simplifying Habit Change for Busy Humans.
Check them out and let me know what you think!

PS - Habits are formed by taking simple ACTIONS consistently. 

TIP 1 - focus on ONE thing

  • BIG changes can be overwhelming - especially for the busy.

TIP 2 -  start small

  • Begin with tiny habits that require minimal time and effort.  Once you are kicking ass with your new action then you can increase the change. Small changes are more likely to stick than big, overwhelming ones.

Photo Courtesy of Drew Beamer on UnSplashTIP 3 - clear + specific goals

  • Clearly define your action that is going to lead you to your goal.   Get specific, even measurable.  What are you going to do, when, how, why - what's around you?

Tip 4 - integrate habits into existing routines

  • Habit Stack. Atomic Habits by James Clear is what led me down the habit coach rabbit hole! For us busy humans, incorporating new actions into existing daily routines helps minimize the disruption of a new action. What are you already doing well?  Consistency?  Add action here!

TIP 5 - schedule time for habits

  • Block out specific times in your schedule for your client's new habit. I live and breathe by my calendar - so blocking time for my new actions is a sure way to get it done!  I treat the action like any other important appointment.

Photo Courtesy of Lala AzizliTIP 6 - eliminate barriers

  • Identify obstacles that may prevent you from doing the actions that will form the habit and then come up with ways to eliminate or minimize them. If this happens, then I will… (solution). 

TIP 7 - pbod

  • This is my FAVORITE networking lesson I am passing on to you!! Create your own Personal Board of Directors - share your goals with a friend, family member, or #wellnesswingwoman 😉.  Who are your biggest supporters, but also who will keep it real with you and in check!?

TIP 8 - be flexible

  • Pivot. (I have been a bit sick of this word since 2020 BUT the former basketball player in me will always love a pivot reference 🏀). Life can be unpredictable - sh*t happens, so be flexible and forgiving if you miss a day or encounter obstacles BUT get back on track as soon as possible (lean on your pbod for a good kick in the rear when you're feeling frustrated, that's why they are there!). 

❤️ your #wellnesswingwoman,

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As a mother, daughter, friend, and coach... I know the stresses women put on themselves to be everything to everyone.  I’m in the thick of life stresses with you, so I know and understand that sometimes it's just really challenging to figure out the right self-care.  Unfortunately, the person we tend to neglect the most is ourselves. 

I’ve been a part of a team almost my entire life, from recreational sports growing up to becoming a collegiate-level All-American lacrosse goalie.  As a Certified Personal Trainer with NASM and Level 1 Coach with Precision Nutrition, I understand what the body needs to feel strong, nourished, hydrated, and keep running, even on our busiest of days!

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