Holidays and Indigestion

author/source: Peg Doyle

holidays-and-indigestionIt is the official start of the Holiday Season, a time that congers images of roast turkey, apple pie and a few sugar plums and cookies dancing in your head. While all these foods are a natural part of gatherings and traditions, they can wreak havoc with your digestive system.  One of the most common symptoms of too much of the wrong foods for you is gas or bloating.  Here is a little digestion 101 lesson for you that will help you enjoy the holidays more and reduce your symptoms of gas and bloating.  

Look at some of the causes of bloating: 

Digestive distress may be caused by an actual disorder like IBS, colitis or celiac. The remedy for celiac is abstaining from gluten and rebuilding your digestive health, while IBS and colitis may be more complicated.  

Another cause of gas and bloating is insufficient digestive flora in the large intestine. It is caused by eating highly processed foods, excessive sugar, white flour foods, or frequent use of antibiotics.    

The key in all instances is to become an intuitive eater; notice how your body responds to different foods. 

Stomach aches and holidaysAction Plan:

  • Eat in a relaxed manner and chew thoroughly 
  • use digestive stimulants to activate healthy digestion
  • maybe 1 tsp organic apple cider vinegar before all meals
  • include bitter foods like kale, spinach or arugula to aid in the creation of stomach acids to break down food
  • stop taking antacids; your stomach needs acid to break down food
  • see if you benefit from isolating fruit from other foods
  • dont drink a large amount of water with meals - drink in between and only sips with meal
  • use a full spectrum digestive enzyme, especially before a heavy meal
  • consider foods listed in FODMAP as they are common triggers of gas and bloating
  • limit your holiday sweets by selecting a limited number of choices 

Peg DoyleQuestions: 

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 If you are receiving medical care for a stomach disorder do not stop taking any medication without first discussing it with your physician.

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