Landscaping Ideas that will Boost Curb Appeal

author/source: Laura Parker

Photo Courtesy of Devon MackayGetting the best price for your home starts with you presenting it in the best possible light. If you want to make the most out of your investment then here are some landscaping ideas that will help you to sell your home fast.

Keep it Simple

Prospective buyers have to be able to picture the whole property. You need to freshen up and declutter indoors but you also need to make sure that you take into account any vibrant decor too. Consider going over bright walls with neutral colors, so you can make your home as marketable as possible. When you have done this, you can then work on your curb appeal. Clear away any rubbish and have your paths, patios and driveways cleaned. Mulch and weed your flowerbeds and add some instant color by planting some flowers in containers. You don’t need an elaborate garden to sell your home but it does help to at least make sure it’s tidy. If you have a lot of clearing out to do then consider hiring some concrete dumpsters.

 Photo Courtesy of Jared MullerRepairs

You’d be surprised at how quickly a new fence can speed up your sale. Fencing helps to offer security, privacy, and appeal. A new fence will also make your garden look neater which will go a long way when it comes to reducing clutter. The same applies to your shed and greenhouse. Fix the shed door and take the time to clean the windows. If you have any structures that look like they are too far gone then take them down. If you have an old greenhouse that is just taking up space then you may be able to get some money for it by selling it online.

 Clean your Features

Cleaning your driveway, patio, decking, and paths can be a very satisfying job. It can also completely transform your outdoor space. Just make sure that you use the right cleaning materials and that you rinse with a hosepipe when everything is done. Don’t use harsh chemicals or bleach if you can because if you do then you may find that it does a huge amount of damage to the environment.

Tidy your Plants

The whole idea of tidying our garden is to make the space look like it’s manageable. When it comes to plants, shrubs and hedges, controlled lines are everything. When trimming your hedges, you need to avoid disturbing nesting birds. Trimming should be done in summer and spring, but if ours are out of control, hiring a professional could be the way to go. Little things like this can help you to stay on top of any work that you have to get done and it can also help you to deal with dead or dying plants. Little jobs like this may not seem like a big deal but they can have a huge impact on your buyer so it’s worth trying to get them sorted out if you can. You will sell your home faster and you may even find that you can get more money as a result too.