Muscians - Creating More Powerful On-Stage Performances

author/source: Cassie Flynn

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay - CC0 LicenseSo much can go into a successful stage performance. It's something you have to work on as a musician if you want to be able to perform live. You might have amazing musical talent, but it won't always get you far if you want to be a stage performer. Giving an incredible and memorable performance isn't easy, and it can take years for you to master. But you can also actively work on your performance skills so that your audiences always leave a great impression of you and your music. So how do you give more powerful stage performances that get people talking? 

Work on Your Stage Presence

Your stage presence is a mixture of lots of different things. What you wear, how you hold yourself, how you interact with the crowd and much more will affect how you're seen by the audience. There isn't one type of stage presence that everyone should have, or even a need to keep up a consistent image for an entire show. A quiet and more reserved stage presence works for some musicians and types of music, but something louder and more showy works for others. The great thing is that your stage presence can be a performance and doesn't necessarily have to be your everyday self.

Photo Courtesy of Pixabay CC0 LicenseGet New Equipment

A lot of the impact of your performance is obviously going to come from the quality of your music. Your talent plays a part in that, clearly, but you can't forget about the equipment you use. Some equipment will be down to the venue you're playing in, but some of it will be yours too. Getting a new Looper pedal like the Aeros Gold Edition from could boost all of your performances. Just upgrading your cables is even capable of giving your performances a boost by improving your sound.  

Work with the Venue

A lot of your performance is up to you, but you also have to work with the venue. The venue will be helping with things like lights and sound and even crowd control. You want to get along with everyone there so they're on your side and ready to help you out. They'll be able to make your performance even more incredible with their support. Another important thing to do is make sure you choose the right venues. You need crowds that are interested in what you're doing.

Photo Courtesy of Josh Rocklage at UnsplashEngage with the Crowd

It could be seen as part of your stage presence, but engaging with the crowd is an important factor when you're on stage. It's something that some musicians are great at, while even some of the biggest stars never really master it. But being able to chat with the crowd or even engage them in other ways when you're performing can make any show so much more memorable. Even if you're shy, it can help you feel more confident.

Make your onstage performances more powerful than ever by working on your presence, improving your equipment, and even practicing your on-stage banter.