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our-members-and-friends-podcasts-tryfriendshipable - A podcast about friendship from Project BFF. Friendshipable is a safe space to talk about friendships, the good parts, and the not-so-great parts. It’s about building Project BFF and what we love about the project, and building and nurturing friendships with the fabulous women and men in our lives.

Hosted by Terri + Manya and containing conversations about friends, friendships, and friendship-adjacent topics, with occasional interviews or solo episodes in the mix. Publishes every Friday

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MBWBoot Camp for your Mind Podcast with Michelle Woerdeman

Health & Fitness
19 episodes
This Podcast is all about learning how to strengthen your mind, move through difficult emotions, to create the life you want to be living. We dive into relationships, money, emotions, and total overall well-being.. All while having some fun.

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Powerful Women Revealed

Nicole Perry

52 episodes

Nicole Perry is a curious, raw FM radio talk show host who created her radio show based on a whim—when a woman she had just met said, “I’ve been listening to you from the other room and you sound like you‘d make a great radio talk show host.”  Her podcast focuses on supporting the entrepreneurial spirited businesswoman. In her podcast, Nicole takes each listener on a journey by shedding light on a variety of topics, through her guests’ businesses, that anyone in business can relate to. We dive into relationships, money, emotions, and total overall well-being.. All while having some fun.

our-members-and-friends-podcasts-try2Sisters Speak: Surviving the Sandwich Generation

Michelle Woodbrey and Alyson Powers

2Sisters Speak: Surviving the Sandwich Generation is a podcast for anyone who feels sandwiched caring for an aging loved one and is in search of a community that understands the unique challenges of being squeezed. Hosted by sisters, Michelle Woodbrey and Alyson Powers, co-owners of 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors, a senior care consulting firm.
Michelle and Alyson have been supporting seniors and their families for decades and are now also caring for their own aging parents and raising young families. Join them as they set the space for sharing their collective insights and stories about the ups and downs of being part of the sandwich generation.  

our-members-and-friends-podcasts-tryWelcome to Mums on a Mission with Julie Hatch!

Mums On A Mission podcast, is a show for moms, dads, and anyone raising kids! I'm your host, Julie Hatch, a parenting expert, pediatric nurse practitioner, and holistic health specialist.

Do you lie awake worrying about your child because of their behavior at home or school? Do you wonder if you're doing the right thing as a parent? Are you struggling with how to handle your child's behavior? Are the time-outs and punishments not working anymore, and you don't know what to do next?

Each week, I will be giving you a new way to look at parenting through a more holistic approach. Learn how to get beyond the behavior and raise creative, confident, courageous kids.


our-members-and-friends-podcasts-tryWelcome to the Expand Your Fempire Podcast! 

This podcast is for women in business on a mission like you! There will be interviews with thought leaders on some episodes; on others, I will share my innovative ideas on topics I frequently speak and train on. My intention, as with everything I do, is to provide you massive value while giving you a boost of inspiration. It is my hope that each podcast will support you to make upgrades to thrive even more in your business. – Caterina Rando