Rising From Failures

author/source: Hetal Shah

Photo Courtesy of Aaron Huber on UnsplashI am an immigrant from Mumbai, India.  I attained my degree in engineering in 1993.  I had attained a great (Test of English as a Foreign Language) TOEFL around that time.  I had some extraordinary characteristics and abilities.  I was a Founder and CEO of a technology startup in Boston in 2001.  That startup failed in April 2002 because of a lack of funding.  I was dejected but moved on with life.  I used my beauty, brains, and sensuality to get married to an elite Indian American man in California.  But that ended in divorce.  Again, I was dejected but moved on with life.

I am knowledgeable about startups, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, dating, restaurants, movies, and physical movements.  I had many original ideas and statements.  Many well-educated professionals in the United States knew me.  I did not have children.  I met my friends at restaurants and museums in Boston by appointment.  I also enjoyed movies, plays, walking, writing, and professional events.  Sadly, my second marriage, and second startup in the US, did not commence before now.

Hetal ShahMy third book, Guide to Profitability, is available on Amazon.  The video book trailer of my three business books is available on YouTube.  My Meetup group, “Entrepreneurship Connection” has over 1,000 members.  My Startups Coach Blog looks great now.  I offer startup coaching services to early-stage startups.  I am available to give public speeches on startup topics.