Telling Your Story: Learning to Let Your Words Bloom

author/source: Rachel Pintarelli

Tapestry-Story-When I was invited to write this piece for Herself360 I was overjoyed, but at the same time, I couldn’t help but feel that same sense of overwhelm that many people feel. What will I write about? What can I share or say that hasn’t already been said or shared a million times over? 

Maybe you’ve had an amazing opportunity to share your story but passed it up because you felt your words, your story wasn’t worthy to tell. But here’s the thing. My profession is writing, and yet in that moment I STILL felt that same sense of apprehension. I had those same similar thoughts... “Oh God, WHAT if my words fall flat and the story of who I am, where I’ve been and what I do just isn’t enough?”. 

The truth is my story, your story, everyone’s story is ALWAYS enough. The way I see it, a person’s story (a.k.a. life) is a big, beautiful tapestry of relationships, experiences, places and moments. Each person weaving a unique story, all their own, and at some point, the time will come when someone, somewhere needs to hear your words. They will want you to tell the tale of who you are as a way of helping othersguiding them, empowering them.  

Sounds scary, right? 

telling-your-storylearning-let-your-words-bloomWhich brings me back to this article, right here, right now. With nearly twenty years of experience crafting stories as a writer, I’ve learned that every single individual has a virtual treasure trove of wisdom and experiences to share through their own personal story. Experiences that other people would embrace, lift up and learn from equally. 

Still thinking you have nothing to share? Here’s a little test. I want you to think about your life five years agoHow is it different than this moment now? Is it exactly the same? I’m willing to bet how did you get from where you were five years ago to where you are now? What did that path look and feel like? Was it hard or easy? Was it a lovely period of growth or challenging time of struggle? If you are starting to feel an overwhelm of emotions, memories, and thoughts bubbling up, then you are already breaking through the wall. 

These are hard questions, with hard reflections...but THAT is where your story lives and breathes. It lives in the HARD parts, but blooms in the open air. There is freedom in writing it out. There is power in sharing the story of yourself and how you’ve not just survived, but thrived 

telling-your-storylearning-let-your-words-bloomMy own story is one that would show you a story of self-transformation. I often say I’ve lived more than one life because my experiences have been so vast, but the one remaining constant is my love of writing. My true joy is working with people who initially believe they have nothing to share. Why? Because once we do the deep dig work it often reveals the most beautiful, relevant, empowering stories begging to be told. Its soul-stirring for the client, and just further confirmation for me that women must step into their power and own the story of who they are, where they have been and where they want to go. 

Believe me, I get it, it takes courage to do this work, to stand up and stop hiding behind phrases like “I have nothing to say” or “my life isn’t that interesting”. Of course, it is. Every life is. Every story is. It’s our responsibility to tell it as a way of empowering others, or at least to empower ourselves with our own truths. 

Not sure how to start? Here are a couple of suggestions to get you moving: 

  • Talk It Out: There are some great free apps that work as voice recorders on your smartphone. I personally use an app simply called “Voice Recorder”. I’ve used this with clients, and also for myself in moments when I’m having a bit of writer’s block (the horror!). You can use the recorder to just speak aloud any standout memories you recall. Talk out any emotions that you felt in a certain moment, happy or sad, and consider this the first step before writing it all down.  

  • Free Write: If you already like writing, you can do a simple free write where there are no constraints (these are my favorite by the way). You simply begin to write whatever comes into your mind when reflecting on a certain time in your life. And then, you just WRITE. No editing, no fixing spelling or grammar...just write it out. This often becomes the building blocks of your story’s most impactful content. 

The time is now to trust that you and the sum of your experiences are enough. Believe that your story is worthy to tell, and rejoice in all that comes with owning it. I invite you to move forward in the faith that you have stories to tell and wisdom to share. 


Rachel Pintarelli, Owner of Rock Your Brand  

After nearly twenty years in the marketing and communications industry, Rachel Pintarelli is the giggly-proud owner of Rock Your Brand. She is an experienced copywriter and content creator who boasts a side dish of love for marketing material design and social media support. Her passion for wordsmithing started at a young age and played out on her tiny blue typewriter with the unwavering support of her mother. The love for words and self-expression is a theme that has carried through the storyline of Rachel’s life. She happily supports clients in finding their voice and helps them cultivate the stories of themselves, and their brand, in a way that is meaningful, impactful and inspiring. If you would like to learn more about how Rachel can support you in any of the above, please visit or email her at [email protected]