The Hardest Part of Writing a Book is WRITING The Book

author/source: Red Hilton

- How to write a book and become the go-to expert in your industry -

As a boutique publisher we at Belmont City Press are driven by our mission of ‘Gather.  Share.  Promote’. Gather people from all backgrounds as friends or colleagues and unite them in a common bond. Share everyone's journey as a cathartic story or promise of professional guidance.the-hardest-part-writing-book-writing-the-bookPromote each individual by being their biggest cheerleader. 

We believe that everyone has a story to tell or a lesson to teach. We understand that the hardest part of writing a book is WRITING the book, but the overarching benefits to author and reader are profound. Especially to busy professionals.  

Join us in a series over the next few months as we present excerpts from your latest book “How Writing A Book Will Help To Grow Your Business” (avail on and for Real Estate version visit Amazon). Regardless of where you are in your book writing journey, I have been there. As for me? Let me explain my journey and start with Chapter ONE: INTRODUCTION. 

Some insight on me: I’m old. Not “clutching an autographed copy of the Bible” old, but I’ve been around for more than a minute. In my time, I have always been curious about the why of things in life. I like (read: LOVE) the organization of things and making sure everyone has the most information possible when making any decision. 

As a child, I would “play” in my bedroom with my stuffed animals. Sounds normal so far but wait!  I owned one “business suit” then. It was a snappy, mustard-yellow plaid number that consisted of a vest, button-down shirt, and pants (bell bottoms, of course). I would spend days on end organizing my “team” of stuffed animals. Seating charts, picking partners, getting feedback from each “person” in the group, and doing what would be considered “vision boards” in modern society. What was I “planning” with them? How we were going to play, of course. I miss that suit. 

the-hardest-part-writing-book-writing-the-bookFast forward to my educational years. I have always wanted to know “why?” and understand everything; I wanted to excel at learning. College was no different. I spent three of my college years doing stand-up comedy. Why? Not as a “creative” outlet per se; it was so I could understand what people thought “funny” was, and depending on the night, sometimes what they considered funny was me…and sometimes it was not. I certainly learned a lot! As an adult, I like to combine my training as a former comedienne and my love for the “why” in life into everything I do. 

So how is this important to you, my reader (and new best friend)?  I have taken the guesswork out of what is essentially a blind item: writing and publishing a book. I have spent my entire life preparing for this moment. 

What path did my career take to get me here? I obtained my real estate license back in the early ‘90s, (at the age of eight; that’s my story!) I was filled with wonder. My entire real estate career was centered on education. (Who here is surprised? No one? That’s what I thought.) 

I have worked with and for homeownership focused nonprofits for over 20 years. I was formerly on the Board of Directors of two nonprofits that focused on homeownership and education. I was lucky enough to be part of the original Credit for Life Fair, which originated in Massachusetts and is now a national program for high schoolers. I am certified through Money Management International and Consumer Credit Counseling Services in budget and credit. I have personally taught over 250 First Time Home Buyer (FTHB) seminars.  I have been a consultant for national nonprofits relatedthe-hardest-part-writing-book-writing-the-bookto the implementation of their online educational courses. Aside from being fun at parties, this means I know a little bit about building a business and dare I say, a career. 

As 2016 and 2017 came and went and after repeating myself a million times either in programs or in coaching, I decided to write a book about everything I knew. Half of my motivation was to simplify my life. The other half was in case I got hit by a bus, at least people might still be able to benefit from my years in the business. 

What did I discover about writing a book? That getting hit by a bus probably would have been easier. Even though the book was 30 years in the making, the 18 months it took to get the words out of my head and on to paper were torture…absolute torture. I knew the material like the back of my hand; heck, I wrote most of the material I was writing about; but I still struggled. Was I giving too much detail? (Like this intro!) Was I explaining things clearly, using correct sentence structure, cohesive paragraphs, or spelling properly? UGH, the pain! And thus, Belmont City Press was born. 

Of all the places available for you to publish a book, Belmont City Press stands out as one of the few that helps you to write your book. We developed and with our “21 Days To Author” program, we walk you through every step of the process. Maybe you don’t think you have an entire book in you, but I know you have at least a chapter. At BCP, we specialize in anthologies, so you have all the benefitsthe-hardest-part-writing-book-writing-the-bookof being a published author without the struggles of writing an entire book. 

Regardless of where you are in your professional journey, take the time to understand all your options. Surround yourself with a great team of knowledgeable and experienced people who can guide you through the process. If you happen to be interviewing for the position of publisher, let me know. I would love to earn your business and show you how “I’m obsessed with your success!” 

Meet the Author: 

Red Hilton, inspired by a 30-year career, a very long run through Boston, and an overwhelming need to simplify her life, created Her first bookthe-hardest-part-writing-book-writing-the-book“I’m Obsessed With Your Success” solidified her as a go to person in her industry. She has been featured in The Boston Globe, major news outlets such as: CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, AP NEWS, Book Publisher Central, Book Launch Express, The Boston Examiner, Bookstore Newswire, plus several more & her publications have hit #1 in the US and Canada. Red uses her experience as a former comedienne, a marathoner, a mom, and a tired old grumpy lady to compulsively work towards getting herself and others from point A to point B as quickly and easily as possible. Red lives in Boston with her family and 2 dogs. In her free time, she likes researching her “weird” allergies (we told you she was FUN!), planning family vacations no one has time for, cancelling plans with friends to stay home and read, and running (which FEELS like running but probably looks like walking). 

To drop Red a note or inquire about your own 21-Day-To-Author journey, visit 

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