The Power of Your Habits

author/source: Susanna Bauer

Photo Courtesy of Sophi RajuI often get asked how I manage to do it all - and believe me, I don't.

But I managed to do a lot.

The answer is habits.

The things I get done are usually the ones where I found a habit of doing them. Habits make you accountable. You don't question doing things, you just do them.

And then there are things, I have not found a habit for. And I struggle to get them done without delay.

(If you recently wrote me an email, you may still be waiting for an answer. Not because you won't get one, but because I am far behind on replying to emails due to a lack of a habit for my email answering that works for me. I promise to get better.)

How to establish habits:

A wise man once told me the way to start a habit is not to start it with a full plan but by showing up every day.

His example was: To start a habit of working out, you don't need a perfect workout that you do from now on every day.

The best way to start forming a habit of working out every day is to sit on your gym mat every day for a couple of minutes. Sitting is enough for a start. It is easy to do and there are no excuses for not doing it.

Photo Courtesy prophsee journalsBuilding the habit is important - not the perfect workout plan.

Once you have established a habit you can start making it harder by adding some exercises to your daily habit.

Let's translate this to forming a habit for Twitter:

I started my habit by opening Twitter every day and reading some tweets from my niche.

After a while, I started sending a tweet when I had an idea. Soon that turned into at least one tweet per day.

When this felt "normal" I started commenting on a tweet every day.

When you build your habit for your recurring/daily tasks this way, you stop questioning your activity and forgetting about it. Consistency then is not a challenge but a habit.

There is another benefit of this habit-building process: You are so used to doing it, that it becomes much less time-consuming and you will experience fewer distractions.

I also use habits to overcome writer's block or get things done that I struggle with.

I make it a habit to work on it for an hour per day. If I only write one paragraph or even one sentence in that time, that is ok. I still got closer to finishing it.

Habits are an important part of being consistent and getting things done.

They also help me with self-discipline and breaking patterns that I don't like.

I use habits to structure my work day and have a much better overview of what I achieve every day.

Not all habits need to be work-related. I also integrate habits into my daily life to make sure I include breaks - like taking my dog for a walk in the forest every morning.

Are you using habits in your daily life?


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