Why Sunglasses Are the Most Versatile Accessory in a Woman's Wardrobe

author/source: Rhea Jane

Photo Courtesy of Sebastian Coman2024 has only just begun, but we're seeing some preeminent fashion trends taking shape. Trendsetter Bella Hadid, for one, has been photographed in what social media is dubbing "Bayonetta glasses," sporting sensible, rectangular eyewear that appears to be straight from the mid-2000s. It's no surprise, as fashion trends tend to die out and return to the style zeitgeist after a few decades. But as this cycle continues, one accessory remains ubiquitous: sunglasses, through which supermodels and street style mavens alike have easily elevated their outfits.
Quality eyewear can go a long way in spicing up an ensemble while maintaining an air of mystery. If you're building your wardrobe, consider collecting the 
trendiest women's sunglasses from brands like Ray-Ban, Prada, and Versace, available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. The Aviator Reverse is a fresh take on a modern Ray-Ban classic, while the Prada 17WS comes in an elegant rectangular silhouette for maximum adaptability. With options for prescription and polarized lenses, these fashion accessories are functional, too, thus cementing their rightful place in any fashionista's closet. Here are a few reasons why they're one of the most powerful and versatile accessories in your arsenal.

Photo Courtesy of Ali PazaniThey accentuate your outfit.
This is a little obvious, but it can't go unsaid – the right sunglasses can tie your outfit together. Previously, we talked about the importance of embracing your true colors, and how you should wear what you want regardless of what's "on-trend." The same goes for sunglasses, as there's a perfect pair for everyone. Are you wearing killer gold heels? A gold pair of sunnies creates a subtle but well-thought-out match. Have a jacket with structured shoulders? Sunglasses with sharp cat-eye frames jive well geometrically. There are even jewel-encrusted pairs for those who want to take glam to the next level. At the end of the day, a classic pair will be the most versatile: choose a style that matches the colors in your
closet and perfectly fits your face shape.
They can be worn year-round.

They're called "sunglasses" and not "summer glasses" because the sun's UV rays never stop beaming down on us regardless of the weather. For example, the winter snow is highly reflective of UV radiation, so you risk glare and discomfort without your trusty sunglasses. Because of this, designer brands like Marc Jacobs have designed fall/winter sunglasses that could easily transition into the summer if desired. The MARC-694GS features a bold logo, standing out on the temples for a strong fashion statement. During the fall, you could transition to lighter silhouettes and see-through tints to stay season-appropriate.
They are appropriate for almost every occasion.

Think about it: aside from an office setting, there are very few places where sunglasses would constitute a fashion faux pas. From nightclub raves to garden weddings to beach parties, no one would bat an eye if you donned your favorite sunglasses. People even wear them at outdoor funerals to hide the redness and puffiness of their eyes. Just be sure to pick occasion-appropriate styles, though: that means no out-of-the-box silhouettes during solemn occasions.
So whether your outfit for the day is trendy or casual, or whether it's June or December, you can rest assured that sunglasses aren't likely to look out of place. With the right style and shape, your sunglasses won't just complement your outfit – they might even be the focal point!

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