Being Strong Enough to Fight Toxins Every Day

author/source: Tammy Longo

Tammy-guillaume-de-germainYou hear about cancer every day, but you hope it will not affect your family, especially one of your children. But it does happen even if you are trying to live healthy lives.  One day, I was giving my son a hug and I felt a lump on the back of his head.  I tried not to panic but after a few tests and many specialists’ visits, we were told it was an abnormal growth.  The growth was monitored for a year but when it continued to grow, surgery was recommended to remove it.   The tumor was tested, and the results were not what we expected.  It was shocking to hear, he was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at the age of 10.  As if that news wasn’t upsetting enough, he needed another surgery to remove the tissue surrounding the tumor and possibly some lymph nodes. It was so difficult to see him go through this yet we were so grateful that the margins came back clear.  Helping him through his cancer journey was something that has changed our lives forever.   It has been almost 3 years since his diagnosis.  He is still being monitored but I am happy to report that he is cancer-free.

After he was diagnosed, I became determined to help him with his recovery and prevent it from coming back but I really wasn’t sure where to start.  There was no handbook given to me on what to do. So I started with the food that we were eating and the cleaning products that we were using in our home. I soon discovered that there were many nasty chemicals in our food, cleaning supplies and personal care products.  It was actually quite disturbing! I went on a mission to completely detox our lives.  I started researching how we could prevent cancer from coming back and how we could prevent it for the rest of our family. Of course, we started eating more fruits and vegetables and cut out junk food as best we could.  But I still wanted to do more.  I wanted to detox our bodies and swap out all of the toxic products that we were using in our home.  It was overwhelming at first but I started slow. 

Tammy Longo essential oils

As I ran out of products, I would replace them with more natural ones.  Simple swaps and little changes every day can add up.   I encourage you to make one product swap at a time, to a more natural one.  It can make a big impact on your health. Check the ingredient labels on all of your cleaning products, skincare or vitamins.  It’s scary!

As I continued my research, I discovered the many health benefits of essential oils, especially Frankincense, its ability to reduce inflammation and create new healthy cells is amazing. This was especially important to us, as our top health goals were reducing inflammation in our bodies and building up our immune systems.  

We are constantly bombarded with toxins every day and it’s the job of our immune systems to be strong enough to fight those off.  My son incorporates Frankincense every day to help bring down inflammation on the back of his head and for cell renewal.  It is an important part of his daily routine. 

Our family continues to use essential oils in so many ways now.  Essential oils have so many health benefits but some of our favorite ways to use them are diffusing while we are sleeping, helping us relax and boosting our immune systems.  

Tammy Longo doterraI was being asked more and more about doTERRA essential oils and their health benefits so I started sharing what I had learned with others.   It was a natural progression but it didn’t take long before I had started a wellness business.  I have created educational classes to help others reduce their toxic load, incorporate natural solutions and live healthier with essential oils.  I work with people who want more natural options instead of all of the toxic products in the market today.  I teach others through workshops, one on one consults and wellness talks with companies and organizations that are looking to learn more about essential oils, health, and wellness.  I also teach DIY classes for those that want to learn more about making their own cleaning products and personal care products. I provide daily tips on Facebook and Instagram @essentialoils4healthylife.

My goal is to educate and empower others to be their healthiest through essential oils, detoxification, nutrition, and self-care.  With a passion for whole-body wellness, my goal is to pass on the knowledge I have learned to others and educate on how we can try to live toxin-free.  If you are interested in learning more about my classes or the business opportunity, you can email me at [email protected]  if you would like to order from me CLICK HERE Let’s connect and see if I can help you.