Blooming Cactus

author/source: Rita N Wolfson

Blooming Cactus Courtesy of Cathie BriggetteIt always amazes me in the beginning of the month of November,

my Christmas cactuses begin their budding and blossom in early December.

They are a seasonal growth that enhances the holidays even more,

with their very own distinctive and bountiful blossoms galore.

Their colors vary from shades of red, purple, pink and white,

that makes for a most welcoming and inviting sight.

The care for these houseplants is simply not much,

requires hydrating when the soil is dry to the touch.

The winter can be long, dreary and blustery cold,

but with blooming cactuses much warmth does unfold.

If these plants could encourage peace to be unfurled,

this holiday season would be a celebration all over the world.

Happy Holidays.


Rita N. Wolfson