Why Should Miracles Stop After Christmas?

author/source: Rita N. Wolfson

Photo Courtesy of Yasara HansaniAs long as I can remember, there have been Christmas miracles. Miracles that crept into corners of despair and offered hope and brought unexpected joy and happiness.  Faith was once again renewed.   Why must Christmas miracles have such a short stay? Why can’t they follow directly into the New Year of two thousand twenty-four and work on a full-time basis to continue to perform miraculous fetes?

At present in this ununited time, miracles are most needed to stop the violence and bitter wars that are destroying innocent lives everywhere.   Only miracles, with their supernatural powers, are the true carriers that can bring peace to ourselves and our neighbors all around the world.

 Miracles should have a permanent stay in every month of the calendar year.  To help conquer the fear and uncertainty of living in such troubled times.  In this new year of two thousand and twenty-four may the miracle of peace reign and remain for all of us. 


Rita N. Wolfson