author/source: Kim Miles

AnnieB-and-Kim-Miles-College-Room-MatesLong before the tangle of tentacles that is the World Wide Web reared its head and made its indelible mark on the world, there was paper. Upon which people wrote letters. And people called one another on the telephone. Phones with long, curly cords.

It is on said paper and through such letters that I learned with whom I would be sharing my freshman dorm room. And, 30 short years ago, it is on such a telephone (complete with long, curly cord) that I called my new roommate: Annie B. from Kennebunkport, Maine. We exchanged the usual pleasantries of two young gals learning about each other and how we would be sharing the next year of our lives together. "I'm bringing a mini-fridge." "Great, I'll bring a boom box." You know, the really important stuff of life.

That first year was fraught with all the normal freshman shenanigans: boys, grades, parties, trips home, etc. Together we found our way and at times, separately, we found our footing. Freshman year was great. We weren't the best of friends but we got along swimmingly and had tons of fun. As the years went on, we eventually did go our separate ways. But we always looked back with fond memories of that freshman year. 

As an adult, we lost track of one another. Not being one who is terribly connected to my alma mater, there wasn't an overwhelming opportunity for our paths to cross. That is until The Super Bowl of 2006. I never thought I'd say this, but God bless Costco. There we were, both reaching for cheese platters when we recognized each other. She, with her belly about to burst with her firstborn, and me with my new hubby. 

And the rest, my friends, is history.

To this day, I consider Annie one of my closest friends, confidants, partners in crime and collaborators. Simply put, it's impossible to imagine my life as it is today WITHOUT Annie B. She is my friend, first and foremost. She is my brand strategist for Miles in Heels (Like what you see? Annie did it!) and my singing partner in our band. I adore her family and vice versa. She is so ingrained in my life that it's a little hard to consider that our hiatus lasted roughly ten years.

Fate. Serendipity. Kismet. There are oodles of names for it. But at its core, it all means the same thing: something that was meant to be. Ever think about the people who cross your path in life? Are these meetings purely random or is there some more global force working behind the scenes? I am a firm believer that people come into our lives for very specific reasons. Sometimes for very positive reasons and other times, not. But even at the moment when we may not understand why, upon retrospect, that reason usually becomes crystal clear.

I’m so grateful for my connection (and then reconnection!) with Annie B. from Kennebunkport, Maine. She makes me a better person. And, I'd like to think, she feels the same about me. She totally gets me. I can "keep it 100" with her, without explanation or apology. And, the level of laughter we've shared? Kim-MilesSide-splitting, to say the least. And that's just plain good for the soul.

So, do yourself a favor:  reach out to your “Annie B.” Give her (or him) a call and take a moment to celebrate how and why you came into each other's lives. And, when all else fails, try trolling around Costco. You never know how a cheese platter can change your life.




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