Fun Ways to Foster a Love of Music at an Early Age

author/source: StatePoint

Photo Courtesy of Kelly SikkemaIt’s never too early to encourage children to love to make and appreciate music. Here’s how:

• Attend a Concert: Whether you’re attending a symphony or a rock concert, there is no substitute for the excitement of a live musical performance. Not only will kids enjoy watching the show, but the experience may inspire them to learn to dance or play an instrument themselves. To get started, look for events geared towards kids and families, or those with relaxed vibes, to ensure little ones will get the most out of the experience.

• Play With Musical Toys: Toys are a fun and interactive way to encourage musical creativity and help kids find the beat. One of the coolest musical toys out there, a 2022 Toy of the Year finalist, is DJ Beat Boxer from VTech. Each interaction with this music-mixing pup -- from scratching DJ’s head and booping her nose to pushing the buttons on her headphones -- adds layers to the music. Kids can start a rhythm and add in backbeats, harmonies, record-scratching sounds, an air horn effect, and more to complete any remix. They can even press a DJ’s ear to record a quick phrase to drop into their song. Her head will nod along to the music while her jowls flap to the beat.

• Get Immersed: Hit up the library and check out picture books that build music vocabulary or feature musical characters. Look for movies and television shows with musical themes. There are many entertaining ways to immerse kids in the world of music.

• Create a Playlist: Give kids the tools they need to develop their own music tastes and interests. Many streaming services now offer special apps for kids that allow them to explore genres, musicians, and songs all on their own. This is a safe and easy way to ensure little ones have access to kid-friendly content, along with the freedom to create their own library and playlists. Of course, a good pair of headphones that are safe for young, sensitive ears is also essential!

From playlists to playtime, you can help foster a child’s lifelong love and appreciation for music.