It Doesn't Always Happen As Planned

author/source: Rita N Wolfson

Photo Courtesy of Z Menu NYI planned a dinner for my friend Debbie on her birthday,

hoping it would be a gastronomical experience in every way.

My entrée was a sweet and sour chicken with an exotic flavor,

an aromatic dish that invited the taste buds to savor.

Sliced, seasoned, sauteed, and simmered for my usual win,

however, something went wrong, the sauce was too thin.

I added more cornstarch thinking it would thicken the sauce,

it doubled in size, overflowed the pan and the dinner was a loss.

Now to tell my dinner guest when she arrived,

that her birthday dinner had not survived.

Calmly, I handed her a Chinese take-out menu to select,

her favorite foods in place of the dinner I wrecked.

The Chinese food arrived and to our surprise and delight,

we had a delicious dinner and a most unforgettable night.

If there is a time your dinner plans go astray,

be sure that Chinese take-out is on its way.


Rita N. Wolfson