Love Is Changing and it is Everywhere

author/source: Cathleen M Rose

Soaring Soul LoveJust like everything else in our society, relationships are shifting too.  From abuse, just settling, staying due to children, and financial support, our society is breaking these patterns of how relationships are going to be in the future.

Now people are searching for relationships that come from their heart and are actually filled with pure, eternal love.  Just settling, staying in a relationship for their children or financial reasons, and abuse are beginning to phase out and become a thing of the past.

People are beginning to take a step back and actually taking their time to search for “the one”; either their Twinflame (the other half of your soul), or a love that serves their highest good.  And people are not just sitting around waiting for “the one” to show up.  People are realizing that they need to be “the one” themselves, and they are taking the time to heal themselves from the things that weigh heavily on their heart from within; healing their past traumas, pain, and ancestral lineage. 

That’s right!  You need to find the eternal love within yourself first by loving yourself the way you want to be loved before you can receive the love you are searching for.  So many people think they love themselves, but in reality, they do not.  There is a lot of underlying feelings of unworthiness, loneliness, and guilt, as well as the lack of confidence and self-esteem that keep people from finding their true, eternal love.  Often, these are the reasons why people cheat and lie in their relationships.  People are always searching for happiness, never realizing that it must start within oneself.

Photo by Henri PhamPeople need to take the time to heal from their trauma.  The traumas could be from abuse, the loss of a loved one, or a devastating divorce or heartbreak, etc.  These traumas could have happened during either childhood or adulthood, which often stem from a root within the soul that is attached to a previous life. Patterns, or cycles, are being broken.  For centuries people have been repeating the habits of their ancestors by going with what they know and maybe comfortable with.  Some people are starting to realize that many of those concepts are outdated and that we need to follow the depths of our heart more.

While we are searching for “the one”, we meet many people along the way.  Most of these people are not meant to stay.  They are only meant to teach us a lesson or guide us further along the way.  Those people who are meant to teach us lessons, trigger something that is deep within us subconsciously that still needs to be healed.  Triggers often make us upset, scared, or angry, as our subconscious holds a belief that needs to be released due to a past event that has closed off our heart.

When we go within and release these triggers from our heart, our level of consciousness rises, which leads us closer towards our eternal, true love.  Our eternal, true love is a connected, conscious relationship that can be very fulfilling emotionally, energetically, and physically if you keep working at it.  Healing these triggers also opens the space to move us closer towards our true life purpose, which creates the ultimate peace, love, and harmony within our souls.  When we are in alignment with this deep knowing, we radiate this gorgeous energetic light from within us. 

After you have completed most of your inner work, you merge with your Twinflame or the love that serves your highest good, to continue to heal and grow together.  This point cannot be reached until you have healed individually first.

Cathleen Mary Rose Soaring SoulsAre you ready to heal and to meet your eternal, true love?  The time is now!

My name is Cathleen Rose and I’m on a mission to help survivors heal their bruised heart to find the love they desire as a Partnership Abuse Coach and an Eternal Love Consciousness Coach.   You can learn more about me here.