Rosie's Place - Judi’s Story

author/source: JUDY

Judi suffered a serious spine injury in a car accident and soon after, the family home she was living in was sold.  Judi and her son Ryan had nowhere to go and she ended up sharing apartments with other single mothers to get by.  When Ryan joined the military, Judi Sunk into depression, then addiction and homelessness. Eventually, she made her way to our Overnight Shelter.   

I never thought that I'd ever be homeless.    

My son is everything, he's the light of my life.  I did everything I could to keep a roof over his head and it gets so hard with everything.  So expensive. Your getting divorced and losing the house, it was horrible. Once my son went into the service, I found myself struggling. I went into shelters and that's when I found Rosie's Place.  

Rosie's Place is a lot different than the other shelters, there's this three-week stay. I met two girls that I find are my best friends now. Having somebody else that's going through the same thing you are, it helps push you when you just feel like you can't do anything else and I was able to get a lot more done than I was able to get a lot of paperwork done and see a housing advocate.  It was great when I went to Rosie's place because they wanted to help me as much as I wanted to help myself 

A few months ago I applied to work at Rosie's Place at The Woman's Cooperative making jewelry and that's where I work now.  It's nice to be able to go to work every day.  You know I'm starting to feel like a normal person again.   

Once I found my apartment Rosie's Place helped me with the down payment to move in.  I've been living here for a couple of months now. rosie039s-place-judys-storyIt's nice to know when I walk in the door everything I have is mine.  It may not be much right now but it's gonna stay mine no matter what. 

My tribute to my family after years not being able to do anything but keep them in a book. This is the first Christmas that we're gonna celebrate here so I already have Christmas decorations. Home is where your story begins. Because of  Rosie's Place I am where I am now and that's a great place. 

Judi has moved past a serious spine injury, addiction and homelessness to now have a place she and her son can call their own, thanks to help from Rosie’s Place.