The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

author/source: Amy Flores-Young

Photo Courtesy of Chris MontgomeryThis is the time of year when entrepreneurs and founders assess the past year and make the 2024 plan. I know I have been (over)thinking it lately. Here is a little advice on simplifying your networking.

As a Travel-based business, I had LOTS of free time over the pandemic! I spent that time visiting SO MANY networking and business-building groups. Let's just say I have seen some things! (Shudders at the memories)

While some of these groups had people I enjoyed, they were not aligned business-wise and not supportive in a way that set me up for growth (and I DON'T mean direct referrals, but overall growth in business and as a business owner).

It was hard to clear out the noise. But over 2023, that is just what I did! I made a list of all the networking places I was hanging out. Facebook groups, zoom rooms, in-person meet-ups, webinars/workshops I was sitting in ... all the things! It was over 25 at the time of the list, after I had already cleaned out last year! It was a challenge to walk away with the FOMO and "what ifs" and you "never know who knows who" type thoughts.

Photo Courteys of Sigmund WuvSTVD5OP0** Before you read on, let me be clear, this is NOT an affiliate promo thing. I share because it stinks to hang out in places where you are constantly Pitch-Slapped or added illegally to lists and mailings. And more so, it is HARD to find places where you can truly be open, and supported without judgment and where you REALLY LIKE the people!

Networking and connecting in places that bring you JOY! YES! My networking makes me HAPPY!

If you are leaving Zoom rooms and meet-ups NOT feeling RE-ENERGIZED, FLOWING WITH IDEAS, GAINING INSIGHT ON YOURSELF, and BEING OF SERVICE TO OTHERS, it is time to assess why you are in those places!

One of the groups I have been CONSTANTLY IMPRESSED with is Busy People Networking led by Christine McShane. EVERY call, training, and post makes me feel all of those things above. There is constant value being offered in the group from all the members (not just the "leadership"). This is why the Busy People Network made the cut to the FOUR communities I am continuing to engage with for 2024 and beyond. It is just that -  a community. Not just a Facebook group, not just a training library, not just a monthly hangout for networking. Christine has created a seamless container that is all support, kindness, learning, and leaning in with deep connection.

I not only welcome you to check it out, dare I say, I urge you! Come see what "Networking" means in the best way. Use the code BPN for a single free ticket to a virtual networking event.

Come join the FB community HERE

Like many of us small business owners, these past few weeks (even months) we were constantly prodded to reflect and build out "the new year". Have you included reflecting on where I want to spend my time and most importantly with whom? Reply and let me know the communities where you have found your Business Buddies.

Life is hard, Travel can be easy,


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