Happy Holidays

author/source: Amy Flores Young

happy-holidayAs 2022 wraps up, most entrepreneurs are taking stock of the months that passed and setting intentions for 2023. I literally MAKE PLANS for a living! This is my zone of genius!

But this reflective type of planning gets me spinning like the teacup ride. In celebrating the wins of 2022, they are like cute little Mogwai Gizmos smiling and happy. Then in looking at them it's like feeding them after midnight and I have a head FILLED with trouble-causing gremlins.

I should have done this, I could have done this, If I had done this…… Is it just me? After the past few years of the quiet of the pandemic, 2022 was a roller coaster of mixed energy. The big year-end questions of “what worked and what didn’t work” seem harder than ever to answer. At least for me.


As a concierge travel specialist, I have MANY coaches and strategists in my network. I constantly see the year-end posts, emails, and workshops on wrapping up and planning for success. That is just soaking the gremlins causing them to multiply.

Instead of “pushing through” to “end the year strong” - I am resting, releasing, and focusing on my family. I am taking the time to control my gremlins and bring them into the light!

How do you end the year? Are you a reflective planner? Do you get stuck with Gremlins or is it just me?

Wishing you a magical holiday season and a new year filled with adventure!

Bio for Amy Flores Young 

happy-holidayI am a lifelong Disney fanatic but my passion for sharing tricks and tips for travel began once I had children.  My daughter is severely disabled and Disney destinations and cruises are truly a second home and the vacation where the disability doesn’t matter and we feel like a “typical” family.  It was so frustrating to hear people have had a bad experience because they just didn’t know what to expect or where to start.  With proper planning and a little insight, ANYONE can have a magical trip!  I have been planning and traveling all things Disney for over 20 years.  Whether you are looking for a young family vacation, family reunion, adult-only getaway…I’ve done it.  Contact me at [email protected]

Photo credits: @Pexels: Nathan J. Hilton