And the Soul

author/source: Kim Moore

And the soul, if she is to know herself, must look into the soul…~ Plato

 the Soul photo by miguelbrunaAnd the soul, if she is to know herself
must look into the soul and find
what kind of beast is hiding.

And If it be a horse, open up the gate
and let it run. And if it be a rabbit
give it sand dunes to disappear in.

And if it be a swan, create a mirror image,
give it water. And if it be a badger
grow a sloping woodland in your heart.

And if it be a tick, let the blood flow
until it’s sated. And if it be a fish
there must be a river and a mountain.

And if it be a cat, find some people
to ignore, but if it be a wolf,
you’ll know from its restless way

of moving, if it be a wolf,
throw back your head
and let it howl.


Kim MooreBIO: 

Kim Moore. PhD student at Manchester Met. Writing poetry about sexism. This poem is from her first collection ‘The Art of Falling’ published by Seren in 2015

The Art of Falling won the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize in 2016 and was shortlisted for Lakeland Book of the Year.

You can follow Kim on Twitter @kimmoorepoet or check out her Website.