Hydration Vs Moisturization

author/source: Sailynn Doyle

Hydration1Does your skin need hydration or moisturization or both? 

Who is excited for the cooler temps? 

Are you breaking out your sweaters and boots? 

Admit it, have you turned your heat on already? 

Fall is here and Winter is right around the corner!  Some people might be excited for the cool, crisp weather, others might be dreading the soon to be falling snow or here in Florida, we are just excited to have it under 90 degrees!

No matter where you are located, it is time to reassess your skin needs! 

I have learned working in skincare these past two years, that every season we need to reevaluate our skin and its needs because it changes!  Say what? 

Yes, it’s true! 

hydration2One of the things, I like to offer my customers is a customized skincare recommendation by the Doctors so they can assess if there is anything in their skincare regimen that needs to be changed! 

Once we see what the Doctors recommend, we can build them a skincare routine that works for them and their skincare needs! 

This time of year, I spend a lot of time chatting with people about Hydration vs Moisturization!  Most people use those words interchangeably and they are not the same! 

If you have dry skin and want smooth, radiant skin (I mean don’t we all want that?), then you need two items in your routine something to hydrate and something to moisturize. So, what’s the difference?

We all know our skin and body needs hydration, right? So, hydrators actually draw water from the atmosphere and add it to our skin!

Now once we get that hydration, we need to lock it in with a moisturizer!

Are you thinking to yourself, my skin is oily – I DO NOT NEED MORE OF THAT!

hydration3I hear this comment a lot and it’s my job to educate people on why their skin may be oily – LACK OF HYDRATION!  What?  Yes!  When your skin lacks hydration, it overproduces oil to keep it soft! Shocker, I know!

So, if your skin is oily, add in a hydration serum to combat the overproduction of oil!  I highly recommend our Active Hydration Serum.  Why?  This face serum is oil-free and non-comedogenic (won’t clog your pores) and will help balance your complexion to get bright, radiant skin this winter season!  Don’t take my word for it, just read this 8-week clinical study fact – 88% had less oily skin in their t-zone!

No matter if your skin is dry or oily, you most likely could benefit from a hydration serum!  Combat the cold weather and drying indoor heaters with Active Hydration Serum which is long lasting and delivers your skin up to 200% more hydration up to eight hours!

To get your own free customized skincare recommendation from the Doctors, click here

Once I get the results, I will reach out to you, to see how I can help!  And then we can both cheer for Sweater Weather!