Calendar It

author/source: Dr. Amba Dryg - Tobin

calendar-itMy friend, Becky Plautz gave me some advice today at her On Purpose With Purpose Gathering. She said to give my newsletter friends a calendar with all the things I am doing so I didn’t have to email as often. What a concept! 

It got me thinking about CALENDARS. Another friend of mine, Caterina Rando -says to her partners in co-creating— to put a Date, a Time, a Place on your calendar for the next year and even 2 years ahead. That's what I did last year for the 3 retreats I have held and am holding space for this year.  

Calendars mean something to different people. And how they make theirs. Some people put birthdays and dentist appointments- plans for travel and not much else. My sister-in-law plans 2 years of weekends - to see sorority sisters, and family, and drive with my brother to places he has not seen yet. Imagine- every weekend planned….for 2 YEARS. 

Maybe you are like that or some combination of that. Maybe you consider vacations as self-care. Maybe that does not even register on your radar. How planned out is your calendar? Are you planning trips for next year and the year after? Are there people you want to schedule because they are getting on in years - and you have not seen them as much as you would have liked this year? Or you have seen them and you want to keep seeing them as much as possible because their health is not great. 

calendar-itWhatever you do with YOUR CALENDAR, I invite you to pray over them - ask for a blessing. 

Bless your calendar for its timekeeping. Keeping time… Can you stop for a moment? And keep time in 10 slow deep breaths—-adding my famous—-descending pitch HAAAAAAA to that on the EXHALES. 

Looking at ADDING to a Calendar can cause stress for many people. Blessing the calendar, doing practices to be grateful for life, and practicing the PAUSE. It only takes 10 breaths - I say 11—-to get yourself into the PARASYMPATHETIC brain system. The Rest and Digest- Relaxation part of being. Where homeostasis happens. THE PAUSE.  

The 11 breaths that I encourage you to take, often and regularly with the Heart sound- that HAAAA descending as you exhale. When you are making your calendar- make time for meditation, or being in nature AND PUT IN BETWEEN —THE PAUSE. 

calendar-it* I invite you to put some of my events in your calendar for self-care and optimal health. Making private or group appointments to keep healthy and keep aligned with some help.  

Reach out to me at [email protected] 

Mindful to schedule NOTHING - to do as well. That is best done by Europeans I find. So Schedule the Swiss 12-Day retreat next September now - so you can join me at many cafes to do nothing. In Zurich, Baden, Bern, Zug, Ouchy, Bellenzona and Lucern.  

Calendar it and it will be so. 



Dr. Amba is fortunate to have graduated in the last Doctoral class under the guidance of Abbot Sifu Professor Dr. Jerry Alan Johnson the founder of the International Institute of Medical QiGong and Senior Abbot at Tian Yun Gong (Temple of the Celestial Cloud) Daoist Monastery, in Monterey, California. 

She also studied child development, psychology, medical sciences, and holistic health at several colleges and universities including San Francisco State University. As well as Chinese medical theory, and acupuncture from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco and the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences in Oakland, California 

calendar-itShe also is a 400-hour plus- Certified Yoga Teacher from Green Path Yoga and The Bhramanada Ashram also known as the Yoga Society of San Francisco, where she studied the Sanskrit language and Vedic and Yoga philosophy with Dr. Ram Karan Sharma and the teachings of Shri Brahmananda Sarasvati Udasina (Ramamurti S. Mishra, MD). And has a second yoga certification from Integral Awakening Yoga 

Dr. Amba is also a Level 3 Qigong Instructor and Workshop Facilitator of Sacred Geometry and Food Based Healing with the Supreme Science Qigong Foundation based in Florida. Within the Foundation where she also studied with Wim Hof in Tummo Meditation, which later he renamed  "the Wim Hoff Method"