The Wisdom of Learning Anything

author/source: Dr. Amba Dryg - Tobin

It's weird. COVID gives me a vision. Up until now, I had this false belief that people won't value the wisdom of learning anything matter how important... if it doesn't cost something dad taught me that people buy higher priced things because they think it must be valuable if it costs more.

However, it's not about my self-worth. It's about saving lives 

Photo Courtesy of Alex Shute on UnsplashIt's about ending war ...through inner peace 

It is about ending sickness, poverty, hatred, ignorance, and inequality and illuminating the power of self-love for the unity of our global human family. 

No family is perfect ..but we are family. We really are them and they are us. 

I just saw the documentary “WE ARE THE WORLD”.

The song and the artists come together. For what today would be 200 million starving Africans in Ethiopia 1984. 

I remember the faces of some kids in my high school class as I collected donations in Des Moines, Iowa .....and their indifference and inability to grasp the gravity of it all 

I teach how we can't be mad at 2-year-olds because they can't drive yet. They just don't have the capacity yet 

Photo Courtesy of efuu JSo many people hate themselves.  Or cannot love themselves  ....while most faiths teach some version of loving your neighbor as yourselves. 

So what is all this self-loathing laying seeds for? 

I have these Self-Care for Self-Love retreats that have been missing the mark. And why? - I believe Source is telling me I am playing it too small.

Having other teachers teach who-- I don't know 100 percent are carrying--- the same vision.... who may be holding the vibration down.

If anyone had told me in the past, to cut the cords to caring about so-called " important people's " approval... I could have seen that I would have gotten a lot further.

However, every moment is magical...each one divinely guided.... and is how it can only be.

I declare with my powerful own free will that this day 2/20/2024 or what day is it?

Today Is the first day of WORLD PEACE AND THE KITCHEN SINK. Non-profit and business leadership training for all people on autonomy and self-sufficiency. And to learn how to practice the art of self-love. Like many things, it's about practice, not perfection.

It's a spiritual practice.   $11.11 for Self-Care for Self-Love retreats on Zoom and in person and all details at

Dr AmbaWarm Regards,

Dr. Amba A.M. Dryg- Tobin

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If I told you I was sitting in a seniors center for the very first time, would you believe me?

I am officially a senior. When I turned 55, I could come to this same place where I used to take my father- so he got out of the house and got to socialize a little.

When you have dementia - or even if you want to AVOID dementia—you must socialize.

There is something in the brain that happens only when we are social.  That does not happen in any other way.

It can be a phone call, a Zoom call, a group of friends over dinner, or a short talk to the person in the checkout line.

When I fly, I try to talk to at least 6 people I have never met.

Photo Courtesy of akshar daveThe reason that I had started the retreats- was to get some self-care—-because my dad was my 24/7 grown baby.

I do not wish anyone to have a family member have dementia. Or that they diagnose themselves with dementia.

Please remember, if you are not socializing with anyone- it is imperative to your mental health.  Church or any community that is uplifting…old friends, new friends. GIVE THEM A CALL.   Make a Zoom date, a walking date, or whatever feels right.

Socialize, hydrate, exercise, sleep exactly 7 hours (not more and DEFINITELY NOT LESS), and do something new—- take a class or look on YouTube—-so your brain gets a workout.

All of these help us from not getting dementia.  Private sessions with me also help- also to recover from early onset dementia