I Am Women, Hear Me Roar

author/source: Casey Kerr

women-hear-me-roarWe’re all seeing what’s happening right now, we’ve seen rights being trampled, values being ignored, pain and suffering being poo-pooed. We’re seeing violence against women, children, people of color, people with no representation. We’re seeing it in our friends, people we know and all over the news.

We’re at a tipping point where the Divine Feminine approach to life is what is being called for and if you’re still listening, you know you’re being called.  

The systems and institutions that have kept women from being able to be our Best Selves, live our Best Lives and have created and enforced the policies and rules that have kept this from being our Best World are all showing their cracks. The emergence of the Divine Feminine, the Me-Too Movement, light being shone on systemic sexual harassment and discrimination and the general AWAKENING of women all over the world are telling us IT’S TIME.

It’s time for us to step up and take our seats at the table. It’s time to pull up a chair and bring our sisters with us. It’s time to take a stand for what we deserve and what’s best for us, our people, and the world as a whole.

It’s time for compassion, love, and collaboration to replace domination, fear, and competitionand for possibility-thinking vs the status quo as a way of life and living. We are at the dawn of a brand-new age where there has never been so much light shone on such darkness and so much opportunity and so much need for a better way.

Women are running around trying to DO all things for all people. Busy, busy, busy, burning out, wanting time for Self and not knowing how to claim women-hear-me-roarit. Experiencing guilt for wanting it and needing it when there’s so much DOING that needs to be done. Making the choice to DO it all rather than experience the guilt of NOT DOING it.

There are many prices for this but the biggest is not pursuing our own desires. Desires born deep and inspired by something bigger than us. Desires that burn like a fire and are truly inspired. Desires that spread like fire wiring igniting so many possibilities, showing us so many opportunities in real life and always coming right up against our obligations. We’re asked to spend our precious resources: time, money, energy, love and belief on everyone else with little left to spare for ourselves. And it’s not just us who suffers for that. 

Why? We cannot bear the guilt of letting anyone down. We don’t feel like we can justify the investment in our desires b/c we see them as an investment in ourselves that we don’t feel worthy of.

So many sparks are sparking offering us so many opportunities to jump in with any level of investment we can justify of our time, money, energy, love and belief but deciding which spark to choose brings up fears of making a bad choice, making mistakes, or failing so we spend the resources trying to get clear and make a decision. We want to feel the certainty, the knowing that will allow us to justify the investment and give us the permission and confidence we need to move forward.

And when we fail to choose, the opportunity and the moment passes us by leaving us with the guilt, frustration, resentment, and remorse so many of us are carrying around.

women-hear-me-roarWe feel called by something bigger than us to DO SOMETHING about the state of things for women, children, people of color, people who are underserved and underrepresented; whose human rights are being denied, exploited, ignored. In many cases people whose very right to those human rights is being argued. We’re seeing it, feeling it, experiencing it and being moved by it. Moved maybe like we never have before or maybe moved enough to want to DO something we weren’t willing or even able to before. 

There has never been a time like there is right now. There has never been a need like there is right now. There has never been the opportunity to have such an impact in so many different ways as there is right now.

Women are being called to stand up for ourselves and others in every walk of life; in every home, community, classroom, business, boardroom, industry and country. If we want that change, we have to BE that change. We have to do it together. We have to support each other. We have to start with ourselves. In our own homes, in our own lives, communities, and businesses. We have to make the time, space, energy, love, money and belief. We have to make ourselves a priority so we can BE the change and answer the call.

We have to want it for ourselves the way we want it for our sisters, daughters, neighbors and friends. We have to want it as much for ourselves as we want it for the women who are being abused, harassed, punished, imprisoned, bullied, threatened, beaten, enslaved, dominated and denied. We have to realize we must speak as much for ourselves as we do for them. We have to believe it can be done. We have to become the women who can do it. Because we are.

women-hear-me-roarWe’ve been buried under the beliefs that tell us we’re not worthy, we’re not strong, we don’t know, we can’t have or be or do what we’re compelled to have or be or do. Buried under false narratives created by others and perpetuated by our own minds.

It’s time to free ourselves, to wake up, stand up and step forward. It’s time to find our voices, make our claim, take our stand and spread our wings. It’s time to free our minds so we can free ourselves. It’s time to share our gifts to free our brothers and sisters.

It’s time to jump in with whatever you’ve got to given make the difference only you can make. I say “you” instead of we because I’m speaking to each one of us individually and to all of us collectively. It has to start with each one of us rolling up our sleeves, making and taking the time to do whatever we must to become the women we’ve always wanted to be. The women the world is calling for right now, begging for.

It’s an inside job and the most important work we’ll ever do. It’s what’s required to be the best mothers, sisters, friends, daughters, neighbors, citizens and leaders we need to be. It’s the only way to be our Best Self, Live our Best Life and create our Best World.

It starts with us on the inside. It ripples out exponentially, impacting our families, communities, clients, and world, further and further through the speed of light and sound until there’s no place it hasn’t touched. That’s the power pulsing within each one of us. That’s the power pulsing in all of us together waiting for us to claim it, channel it and share it.

women-hear-me-roarThat’s what it’s going to take to transform all the systemic and institutionalized wrongs we see. That’s what’s waking us up and won’t go silent. It’s what’s CAUSING the frustration, anxiety and guilt that has us chasing our own tails. And it’s the solution for it.

Why does the world need women to step up right now? 

Women see the whole picture.  

We see and know intuitively, instinctively and from our real-life experiences what everyone around us needs.  

We see solutions that don’t have collateral damage. Don’t settle for taking care of the majority and letting the minority take care of themselves. We look for the Win-Win-Win scenarios because we believe in them.

What do we need to get this moving? 

Understanding what’s holding us back individually and collectively and how we can transform it. 

Belief in ourselves, not just in theory, but IN THE MOMENTS when we need it most. When the opportunities arise to speak our truth (especially when it goes against the grain in the room), put our hat in the ring (especially if we don’t feel like we’re “READY”, don’t have enough experience, resources, time, information, money, value, confidence YET), stand up for what we believe and what we wantwomen-hear-me-roar(especially if we don’t feel we have permission and it will ruffle some feathers). 

Community that makes us feel heard, understood, supported, cheered, VALUED and unconditionally loved. 

Casey Kerr, Founder of Wing Women Nation

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/WingWomenNation

 Photo credits: @Pexels: phototribianni